March Madness

Through all of the craziness of studying, taking tests, etc., I’ve managed to squeak out some free time to talk about March Madness.

Before I begin, I must brag on my Baylor Lady Bears. Not only are they the Big 12 champs, but they have completed yet another season undefeated in conference play. Their only loss this season was to Stanford during a non-conference tournament game. Brittney Griner also had a phenomenal game. She scored a career high 50 points (breaking yet another record) and sent the home crowd into uproar with a dunk (the first during a home game since her freshman year).

It was a bittersweet occasion. The win was great, but it ended by Baylor nation saying farewell to its six graduating seniors: Nae-Nae Hayden, Jordan Madden, Shanay Washington, Destiny Williams, Brooklyn Pope and Brittney Griner. I think I can speak for all of Baylor nation when I say that we’ll be rooting for them in the tournament next week!

Now, for March Madness…

This year is very interesting because there is no one team that is an obvious choice. Last year, it was Kentucky with Anthony Davis, the year before that UConn with Kemba Walker. But, this year is different. Throughout the season, the #1 team changed many times. Louisville, Duke, Indiana and now Gonzaga have all occupied the #1 spot, although Indiana has been #1 the most.

March Madness kicks off March 17 with Selection Sunday. I’m excited to see the match-ups and the constant basketball games. I will be making my bracket and posting it. Last year, so many upsets happened that I busted in the second round (no fun). This year, however, will be different.

The strongest teams that I’ve seen that will go far will be Indiana, Miami, Kansas, and Michigan. Ordinarily, Duke would be a safe choice because of their successful program and 25-4 record. However, those four losses were big, especially their loss to Miami by 23. Miami, by the way, is having an amazing season and is currently ranked at #6 with a 23-5 overall record.

With all this said, the beauty of March Madness is just that: it’s madness! Anything can happen. Who would’ve thought that Big 12 Champions Mizzou would lose to Norfolk St in the first round of the tournament (I didn’t; I had them in the Sweet 16)? Or, that Duke would lose to Lehigh (once  again, not me)? So, after Selection Sunday, I, along with many others, will go make my bracket and pray that I don’t bust. Then again, anything can happen during March Madness.

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2 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Love this!! I can’t wait for March Madness either!!

    • Thanks! And me too. It’s going to be awesome. Non-stop basketball will take away from study time, but I’ll be in heaven. lol

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