Spurs take game one in Miami

Spurs were able to steal game one in Miami last night, 92-88, but the win did not come easily.

The Spurs came out and took an early lead over the Heat, but the Heat quickly came back. For most of the game after that, the Heat maintained the lead over the veteran team. In the fourth quarter, however, San Antonio came out strong, took the lead and never looked back.

Just when it seemed like Miami was going to come back, Tony Parker made a clutch shot, leaving five seconds left in the game and the possession clock hitting zero. Parker did not just have a great shot, but a great game.

He ended with 21 points and six assists. Parker’s performance in this game and in the playoffs in general shows how great of a point guard he is. His precision and skill set allows him to make clutch shots and get the ball to the right person.

Tim Duncan also had a good game, earning himself a double-double (20 points, 14 rebounds). He mainly stayed in the paint and was able to score over defenders like Chris Andersen. Duncan was also effective on the defensive end. Although he started out slow, when he got his rhythm he jumped back into his usual role.

Other players such as Danny Green and Manu Ginobili were important pieces in the Spurs’ play of the game.

Kawhi Leonard was another player that came up big for the Spurs. Not only did he get a double-double (10 points, 10 rebounds), he also was effective in guarding LeBron James, which is not an easy task. In the second half, Leonard kept James to 2-8 shooting and six points overall. When guarded by other defenders, James went 5-8.

The key to San Antonio’s success was consistency and good effort from the whole team. Although Tony Parker had a great game, there are no major standouts. Everyone that played gave 110 percent and contributed somehow to the Spurs’ win. Even when they were down, San Antonio kept their composure and were able to regain the lead and win the game.

The Heat played a decent game, but their main issue with playing a team like the Spurs is their consistency and getting everyone to play. They had an okay game and kept the lead for the most part, but couldn’t close out in the fourth quarter.

Dwyane Wade played well in the first half, putting up major points for Miami, but was virtually invisible for the second one. He was able to end the game with 17 points. Despite Miami’s loss, James had a triple double (18 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists).

As a team, the Heat shot under 50 percent from the field and under 40 percent from the three-point line. In order for them to win game two, the Heat must play at their best for 48 minutes and not allow any opportunities for the Spurs to dominate.

The talent level for both teams is very high, so it comes down to effort and execution. The next game will be played on Sunday in Miami.

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