Miami’s Big Three take over in win against the Spurs

Just when all hope had appeared to be lost, Miami pulled out a win against the Spurs, 109-93, on their home court.

The star of last night’s show was Dwyane Wade. He played better than he had all postseason with 32 points, six rebounds and four assists. Despite previous problems with his knee, Wade was able to score in the paint and play fast basketball. Instead of having only a hot first half, he played a full game.

Each part of the Heat’s Big Three came to play and went into full effect. Combined, they had 44 points in the paint and 85 in total.

Miami’s team, as a whole, played better. Their defense put pressure on the Spurs and forced 18 turnovers.

The game was neck-and-neck during the first half. Anytime a team was down, they would go on a run and take the lead or be within five. The third quarter in each of the last three games was the turning point. Whichever team had the lead after the third quarter won the game. Although the score was tied at halftime, Miami came out strong and consistent in the third and won.

Tony Parker was declared a day-to-day decision after his MRI showed that he only had a strained hamstring. He decided to play and scored 15 points in the first half. After that, however, he seemed tired and did not play as well with no points in the second half.

The biggest concern for the Spurs is Manu Ginobili. He hasn’t done well in the playoffs and has trouble getting up shots in last night’s game.

Each team will regroup and prepare for game five on Sunday.

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