Consistency is the key: Spurs win their last home game of the season

Manu Ginobili had his best game of the playoffs in the Spurs win against the Miami Heat 114-104, scoring 24 points and 10 assists. He played with a fearless, confident attitude and was a major key to the Spurs winning. They are now up 3-2 in the series.

San Antonio came out strong and never gave up the lead throughout the whole game. Miami went on a few runs, but San Antonio made the proper adjustments and maintained their lead.

At one point, the Heat went on a 12-0 run, which did not get much further than that. Even when they trimmed their 20-point deficit to 12, the Spurs did not allow the leverage for Miami to get too close.

Danny Green played an excellent game, going 6-10 from the three-point line, ending with 24 points. He also set the record for the most three-pointers in a series, previously held by Ray Allen.

The main reason for the Spurs success in this series (and Miami being down) is due to their consistency. San Antonio has played their usual basketball throughout the whole series and playoffs in general.

Nothing about their game has changed, except the resurgence of Ginobili.

For some reason, Miami Heat has a problem with everyone being on the same page at the same time for all 48 minutes of a game. There were times when the bench will save the team and get the win (game two) and other times it’s their Big Three that saves them (game four). However, it’s never all parts of the team during the same time.

San Antonio, on the other hand, knows how to play a full game and get everyone going at the same time. Despite their number of turnovers, they don’t panic. They keep going and make up for it on defense and/or during the next possession.

Many people have said that whoever wins game five will win the series and ultimately be the champions. I am inclined to agree with this. The Spurs have played well in the playoffs and will be the NBA Champions.

The only way that the Heat can win the next two games is to get everyone going, tighten up their defense and play fast basketball. They must keep their cool against San Antonio and take advantage of every possession.

The series heads back to and will wrap up in Miami this week. Game six will be played at 9 p.m. Tuesday at the American Airlines Arena.

If necessary, game seven will be played on Thursday.

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