Miami fights to win in OT, forces game seven

The Miami Heat survive and extend the series for another game after forcing overtime.

The game started out very close, with each team going back and forth. Mario Chalmers had 10 quick points by the end of the first quarter, but Miami was only up by two.

By the end of the half, San Antonio Spurs were up  by six and Tim Duncan had the most points with 25.

During the third quarter, though, the Spurs began to take off, going on an 11-0 run. They played their usual basketball and did exceptionally well on both ends of the court. Their strength was rebounding. San Antonio was able to shut out the Heat from crashing the boards and took advantage of every possession.

Although the Spurs led at the end of the third quarter, Miami didn’t give up. They made big plays and closed in on the Spurs’ lead.

The biggest game changer was at the end of the game when Miami had no choice but to foul. Manu Ginobili only made one of his free throws, giving the Heat a chance to catch up. Lebron James, who ended the game with another triple double (32 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists), responded with a three-pointer, bringing Miami’s deficit to two.

Again, the Heat are forced to foul. This time, they sent Kawhi Leonard to the line and just like Ginobili, he only made one. Just when it seems like the Spurs are going to end the series, Ray Allen threw up a clutch three-pointer and tied the game. San Antonio is not able to get up a shot with less than five seconds left and the game goes into overtime.

Overtime was much like the last few minutes of the fourth quarter in that each team is fighting and giving it everything they have: the Spurs were trying to close it out to prevent another stressful game and the Heat were struggling to get a game seven.

The Spurs had the lead for most of overtime, with the help of Duncan and Tony Parker, who was visibly drained. By the end of the five minutes, Miami was able to gain the lead and hold it, thanks to a block on Danny Green by Chris Bosh.

The biggest question was Manu Ginobili. After a great game on Sunday, it seems that he did not show up. He only had nine points and four rebounds, missed major free throws and did not have a helpful presence offensively or defensively for the Spurs.

Heat fans can now rest easy and Spurs fans, it’s okay. There’s one more game coming up on Thursday. Judging on how the last few minutes of this game went, game seven should be a good one.

No matter how each team plays, this will be the last game. The team that is victorious will be the NBA Champions.

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