NBA free agency weekend recap

Chris Paul has verbally agreed to a five-year $107M contract with the Los Angeles Clippers as of 12:01 a.m. ET today.

He also announced his decision via Twitter moments ago that he will, indeed, be a Clipper for at least a little while longer. Although he cannot officially sign until July 10, Paul can verbally commit now and sign the contract later.

There was strong evidence that Paul was definitely going to re-sign as he did not talk to any other teams. However, at one point, Paul considered going to the Atlanta Hawks so that he could play with Dwight Howard, who is also a free agent.

Some sources report that the Clippers bringing in Doc Rivers as the head coach and senior vice president of basketball operations sealed the deal for the young guard. Other free agents for the Clippers include Matt Barnes, Lamar Odom, Chauncey Billups, Ronny Turiaf and Ryan Hollins.

Unlike Paul, Dwight Howard is exploring all of his options during his free agency. After a rough year with the Lakers, Howard plans to talk to other teams, including the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks.

Before the Houston Rockets could get a chance to meet with Howard, the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak spoke with him about his future Saturday and then again Sunday night. He then had his first formal meeting with the Houston Rockets today (Monday), speaking with their general manager, Daryl More, Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon.

He will also meet with the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks today, then meet with the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday and end with a formal meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers after that.

Sources before reported that Howard is leaning more towards joining the Rockets or Mavericks although no one is 100% sure where he will ultimately go.

Other major free agents for this summer include Tony Allen (U), Brandon Jennings (R), Monta Ellis (U), Andre Iguodala (U), Kyle Korver (U), Josh Smith (U), David West (U), Al Jefferson (U), Andrew Bynum (U), Jeff Teague (R), J.R. Smith (U), and Manu Ginobili (U).

Free agency ends July 10.




* (R) Restricted agent; (U) unrestricted agent

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  2. Brea

    Yaaay! Chris Paul is staying! I love him just as much as I love your blog!! 😀

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