Summer 2013 free agency ends

Yesterday, July 10, was the last day all NBA free agent players could decide which team they want to be on and sign their contracts.

Chris Paul tweeted a picture yesterday of himself signing his contract to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Some players, like Paul and Dwight Howard, made their decisions early, while others waited until the last day to decide.

Here are some of the players who recently signed their contracts just in time:

  • Andrew Bynum to Cleveland Cavaliers, previously with the Philadelphia 76ers, $24 million over two years, $6 million guaranteed with second year team option.
  • Chauncey Billups to Detroit Pistons, previously with the Los Angeles Clippers, $5 million over two years (Note: Billups was with the Pistons in 2002-2008)
  • Robert Sacre staying with the Los Angeles Lakers, three years (amount unknown)
  • Chris Andersen staying with the Miami Heat, $1.7 million for one year
  • Dorell Wright to the Portland Trail Blazers, previously with the Philadelphia 76ers, $6 million over two years
  • Eric Maynor to the Washington Wizards, previously with the Portland Trail Blazers, $4 million over two years with player option in second year
  • Garrett Temple staying with the Washington Wizards (terms unknown)


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