Iman Shumpert, the Rapper?

In the past, many athletes have tried their hand at exploring their talents in music and Iman Shumpert is no different.The New York Knicks small forward is now using his off season time to make rap records.

Last December, Shumpert released a mixtape, called “Th3 #POST90S.” It was even featured as mixtape of the week on Stereogum, a music website. If this is just a phase for Shumpert, it does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

More recently, First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly will be releasing a hip hop album titled, “Songs for a Healthier America” as part of her anti-obesity movement, aimed at motivating children to eat healthier and exercise. This album will feature Shumpert on a song called “Pass the Rock,” which will also have samples from Marv Albert and Mike Breen. The album is to come out on Sept. 30.

These are not Shumpert’s only musical ventures. Two days ago, rapper Kendrick Lamar was featured on fellow rapper Big Sean‘s song “Control,” which has been said to be the verse of the year shortly after the song was released. Like many rappers, Shumpert decided to respond to Kendrick Lamar in a two minute and fifty-nine second song, produced by J-Muzick.

Shumpert has described rapping as a “side hustle” for him, but only time will tell how far he goes with his newly found rap persona. Whatever he decides to do, let’s just hope he does not forget about basketball. The stakes are now higher for the Knicks to make it deep in the playoffs.


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