Lamar Odom missing and struggling with drug abuse

Lamar Odom has been in the spotlight quite a bit recently because of a woman coming forward, saying that she has been having an affair with Odom. However, the “Lamar Odom saga” is not over.

Recent reports are saying that Odom has been missing for at least the last 72 hours, however, no missing person report has been filed.

This incident began when his wife, Khloe Kardashian-Odom allegedly kicked Lamar out of their home on Wednesday when he refused help for his two-year battle with crack cocaine.

Last month, Odom checked into a rehab center but only stayed for three weeks. The site reported that Odom was clean, but then slipped back into using recreational drugs.

The Kardashian family tried to stage an intervention to help Odom, but he denied that he had a problem and wanted no part in the intervention.

After having no contact with Odom, the family feared that he was on a drug binge. More recent reports claim that he is not missing, but his whereabouts and if he is back on drugs are unknown.

This is not Odom’s first rife with drugs. In 2001, he was suspended from the NBA after violating the NBA policy twice in eight months (smoking marijuana).

No matter what the circumstances, I wish the best for Lamar and the Kardashian family during this rough patch of their lives.


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