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NBA on Christmas Day

Football is to Thanksgiving as basketball is to Christmas: they just work together. Throughout the day, five games will be played, starting at noon ET on ESPN with the New York Knicks hosting the Washington Wizards in Madison Square Garden. The NBA-filled day ends at 10:30 ET on TNT in Los Angeles as the Clippers take on their rivals, the Golden State Warriors, which will hopefully be a good game. Between spending time with family, I plan to watch as many games as possible. Here are my picks for each game:

  • Wizards at Knicks: Wizards. I think this one is a give-me game for the Wizards. The Washington team is doing well, with John Wall averaging 17.8 points, 10.4 assists and 4.6 rebounds. Their team gels well together and are currently 19-8, making them third in the Eastern Conference. The 5-25 Knicks, however continue to struggle and even though Carmelo Anthony is putting up big numbers, 23.7 points per game, it’s not enough. Wizards win 100-89.
  • Thunder at Spurs: Thunder. Even with Kevin Durant out, I give Oklahoma City the advantage. Kawhi Leonard is still out for the Spurs and Tony Parker may be out as well. Russell Westbrook seems to be running on all cylinders. If he plays the point, Cory Joseph is going to have a rough time trying to contain him. It will, of course, be a more competitive game than the one before, but I give the Thunder the edge 99-95.
  • Cavaliers at Heat: Cavaliers. Well, this will certainly be an interesting (and tense) game. It will be LeBron James’ first time back in South Beach since he decided to leave earlier this year. No doubt, he will be showered with boos, but still play well. The Cavs are still getting used to playing with one another, but at 17-10, I think they can arrange to do some good things on the offensive end to get the victory. With Chris Bosh out indefinitely, the Heat’s front court will take a hit. Kevin Love is currently averaging a double-double, making him a threat when it comes to shooting and crashing the boards. Kyrie Irving’s quickness will be too much for Mario Chalmers, allowing him to get the ball where it needs to be in a timely manner. Even with the home court advantage, Miami falls to Cleveland 94-110.
  • Lakers at Bulls: Chi-town. Derrick Rose is back. *drops mic* …*picks mic back up* But seriously, even if Kobe Bryant plays, it won’t be enough for the Lakers to get the win in Chicago. The Bulls have a good thing going and I don’t see the LA team messing that up. If Nick Young gets hot, he can put up some major points, but on the other side, there’s Rose and Jimmy Butler at the other end ready to fire at will with former Laker Pau Gasol getting it done in the paint. Being that Gasol is playing his former team and Carlos Boozer his former team, it will be interesting to see how each does. Chicago has the advantage 103-97.
  • Warriors at Clippers: Clippers. This is heart over head decision. The 19-10 Clippers have to keep it moving and get the win. Golden State is coming off a 115-105 loss to the Kobe-less Lakers, which could work in either team’s favor. The Warriors could use it as motivation to get the next win. The Clippers can be motivated by it because if a struggling Lakers team can win without Bryant, they should be able to get the job done with the squad they have. Being at home on Christmas Day, I trust that everyone will step up and put on a great show. Clippers take care of business and win 118-113.

Merry Christmas!

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Spurs take game one in Miami

Spurs were able to steal game one in Miami last night, 92-88, but the win did not come easily.

The Spurs came out and took an early lead over the Heat, but the Heat quickly came back. For most of the game after that, the Heat maintained the lead over the veteran team. In the fourth quarter, however, San Antonio came out strong, took the lead and never looked back.

Just when it seemed like Miami was going to come back, Tony Parker made a clutch shot, leaving five seconds left in the game and the possession clock hitting zero. Parker did not just have a great shot, but a great game.

He ended with 21 points and six assists. Parker’s performance in this game and in the playoffs in general shows how great of a point guard he is. His precision and skill set allows him to make clutch shots and get the ball to the right person.

Tim Duncan also had a good game, earning himself a double-double (20 points, 14 rebounds). He mainly stayed in the paint and was able to score over defenders like Chris Andersen. Duncan was also effective on the defensive end. Although he started out slow, when he got his rhythm he jumped back into his usual role.

Other players such as Danny Green and Manu Ginobili were important pieces in the Spurs’ play of the game.

Kawhi Leonard was another player that came up big for the Spurs. Not only did he get a double-double (10 points, 10 rebounds), he also was effective in guarding LeBron James, which is not an easy task. In the second half, Leonard kept James to 2-8 shooting and six points overall. When guarded by other defenders, James went 5-8.

The key to San Antonio’s success was consistency and good effort from the whole team. Although Tony Parker had a great game, there are no major standouts. Everyone that played gave 110 percent and contributed somehow to the Spurs’ win. Even when they were down, San Antonio kept their composure and were able to regain the lead and win the game.

The Heat played a decent game, but their main issue with playing a team like the Spurs is their consistency and getting everyone to play. They had an okay game and kept the lead for the most part, but couldn’t close out in the fourth quarter.

Dwyane Wade played well in the first half, putting up major points for Miami, but was virtually invisible for the second one. He was able to end the game with 17 points. Despite Miami’s loss, James had a triple double (18 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists).

As a team, the Heat shot under 50 percent from the field and under 40 percent from the three-point line. In order for them to win game two, the Heat must play at their best for 48 minutes and not allow any opportunities for the Spurs to dominate.

The talent level for both teams is very high, so it comes down to effort and execution. The next game will be played on Sunday in Miami.

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